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 12/18/14  10:56 AM 
 Hello Music Lovers!!!!!!!!

We're off to another great week at the Port! We're singing Christmas songs; performing the "Twelve Days of Christmas", running around the room, jumping up and down, rolling on the floor, what a hoot!!! Nobody has more fun than us!!! Last chance to
order CDs and tee shirts for Christmas! Be sure and check out all this week's pictures!!!


I was scheduled to have eye surgery in January, but the insurance company says the doctor will no longer be in their network as of January 1. So I'm looking for a new eye surgeon. I have a macular pucker in my left eye that is getting worse. So right now, I'm not sure when the surgery will be. Please check my schedule before you come out to the show. I will keep it up to date.

This year, I performed children's shows up on Long Island, New York. I'd love to come to your school and perform!!! You can see all the pictures from the show here!


I had a great time performing at EPCOT's World Showplace! Here I am with the Disney Ambassadors. You can see all the
pictures from the show here.

I had a great time performing at the University at SUNY/Geneseo. We had a good crowd, and lots of fun!!!
You can see all of the pictures from the show here!!



Please check out these new Tee shirts!

Here's my latest recording, "Let's Go Fly a Kite". Let me know what you think!

I had a great time up in Cleveland, playing for my buddy Kevin's Birthday party!


   I always have fun performing down at Give Kids The world!

                   Here's my latest original! Please let me know what you think!


                    Tony's 90th Birthday party up in Boston! What a hoot!!!!! I'd love to come and perform for you're next party!!!

               We're saving you all a seat at the Show!!


Here's another of my original songs. Please let me know what you think-
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