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Last updated: 4/22/14  11:45 PM  Hello Music Lovers!!!!!!!!

I had a great time performing today at the House of Blues! Here's a video from the show-                                        

I hope you had a great Easter weekend!!! We had a fun week at the Port. Thank you all for coming out to the show. Please check out all this week's pictures!


       Something new!!! I'll be performing at the House of Blues, Downtown Disney, in April! I'll be there performing with my buddy Hogie. We'll be there on Tuesdays, April  22, and 29. We'll be playing from 2-6 PM. If you're in town, please come say hi.


 I always have fun performing down at Give Kids The world!

                   Here's my latest original! Please let me know what you think!


                    Tony's 90th Birthday party up in Boston! What a hoot!!!!! I'd love to come and perform for you're next party!!!

               We're saving you all a seat at the Show!!


Here's another of my original songs. Please let me know what you think-
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