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 /31/15   2:00 AM 
 Hello Music Lovers!!!!!!!!

We're having a great week at the Port!!! Thank you all for coming out to the show! You can see all of this week's pictures here-


                  I had a fun show at the Hiawassee Library!! 7/28/15


                 I had a great time up in Easton, Maine! The weather was perfect, and the show went great. Northern Maine is a beautiful place. You can see all of the
Maine pictures here.


                                      Always fun at Give Kids the World!!!

            My new CD is available 
here! Bob's Disney Sing Along!! Great sing-along fun!!!
Help me get these things out of my garage!! 


                                 Assisted Living Show!!

                                Cabaret show with Daryl Hazel!!!
                                                    My new headshot!

We had a great family holiday, May 11- 19. I posted a couple pictures from the trip here-


          Check out this nice article about the show on 

Two big shows up at the Villages. 600 people, what a hoot!! You can see all of the 
pictures from the show here-


  What a fun time, performing at EPCOT's World Showplace! Here I am with the Disney Ambassadors. You can see all the pictures
from the show here.


                  It's always a thrill to have
John Lasseter in the house!!!

Please check out these new Tee shirts!

       Here's one of my original compositions. Please let me know what you think!



               We're saving you all a seat at the Show!!


Here's another of my original songs. Please let me know what you think-
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