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 7/21/14  7:20 PM 
 Hello Music Lovers!!!!!!!!

Today I drove an hour north of Orlando, up through the Ocala National Forest, to perform at the library in the little town of Astor, Florida. It was a nice day.

That was a wild week at the Port!!! What a hoot!!! Thank you all for coming out to the show. Please check out all this week's pictures!!


I've been performing at all the local libraries this summer, presenting children's shows. Here's a picture from Wednesday's show- 


 I've been performing at the House of Blues once a month.  It's fun to play different songs outside of my Disney show-

Here's a video from the show at the House of Blues-


 I always have fun performing down at Give Kids The world!

                   Here's my latest original! Please let me know what you think!


                    Tony's 90th Birthday party up in Boston! What a hoot!!!!! I'd love to come and perform for you're next party!!!

               We're saving you all a seat at the Show!!


Here's another of my original songs. Please let me know what you think-
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